Friday, July 6, 2012

14 months

Since I am getting tired, and blogging takes forever, I am just going to sum up month 14 and you can just look at the pictures from the other blogs to see what she looks like! Ha!
She is about 27ish pounds and is crazy long. We are now into size 4 diapers..aah! She is running and into EVERYTHING! She is much more independent and doesn't always want to hold hands to walk anymore. Sitting still is a thing of the joke. She LOVES her "bubba" (paci) and we have to say goodbye to it when we wake up or else it is difficult to get away from her. She has 6 teeth, so we are still waiting on a couple of them to pop out and make our life interesting! She still eats anything and everything, but she prefers to eat on the go. Daddy is the apple of her eye, but she still needs me if she is sad (is it wierd that I kind of enjoy when she is sad so I still get snuggles?). She loves her playdates with friends.
This is a "breakfast playdate" she had with her friend Max and my friend (his mommy) Bethany
 She has started becoming wary of strangers and will not go to just anyone like she used to- she still prefers females to males. We are starting to realize that she has a very tender heart and discipline will be tricky. She pulled on my eyelashes one day and I said "OW!" and it made her so sad that I said that, so she just BAWLED! She understands most little sentences, which makes things more simple for Jon and I. She babbles and babbles loudly when she gets excited. She also will laugh when you're laughing She now can add "please" to sign language known. She knows eyes, toes, nose, hair, teeth, belly button and head (we worked on those on month 13 too). She loves to say "moo" when you say cow and is trying to figure out how to articulate the other animal sounds. Animal sounds and body parts are a big hit around our house. She can stack big blocks and puts several shapes into shape holes in her toy. She can do the spider motion for the "itsy bitsy spider" and claps on cue for "if you're happy and you know it" and loves the song "the wheels on the bus". I honestly cannot remember anything else, but I am sure come three in the morning I will remember other details!

Funny story: Hensley has learned how to put on a "grumpy face" with new people and clear a room! Sweet people will say hello and she will wrinkle her little face. We realized quickly that this became a game when we were in Louisiana for July 4th. She met a billion family members, and I think she just kind of shut down. Grammie took her to the grocery store one day and people would say hello and she would put her grumpy face on, then when they would walk away she would look at Grammie and crack up!! Judy was howling when she told us about it, and sure enough, at dinner that night she would scowl at one of us and then crack up one second later! Oh the drama!! Hopefully I can capture a picture of it soon so you can all appreciate this "stink eye"!

Sweet: It would undoubtedly be meeting and loving all of her family. Meeting my Nana and Papa, her GG, baby Parker, Aunt Lyn and Uncle Doug, our cousin Laura and Justin and new baby Sadie, Uncle Charles and Aunt Donna, cousin Jennifer and baby Grace. Thank you to everyone!

San Diego

We went for a week with Jon's family to the beautiful (and quite chilly!) San Diego in the middle of June and it was AWESOME! I have flown with Hensley quite a few times, but never with anyone else, so this was so much easier going with a troop of people! She did great on the flight there and was quite fabulous most of the trip, considering we JUST hit the toddler age where she wants to do what she wants to do. Yikes!
We practiced for weeks on Hensley's Cabbage Patch baby doll how to gently behave with a baby since she was meeting her baby cousin, Parker on this trip. He was such a sweet, calm little boy and Hensley instantly fell in love with him, as did Jon and I! We were so lucky that we got to meet him while he was still in the newborn window.

We all went to see the fabulous San Diego Zoo and it was quite amazing! Beautiful weather and lovely company!
 Hensley and baby Parker had matching outfits for the Zoo (thanks Grammie and Bee!)

 Sorry, Grammie. I had to put this picture, because it was one of my favorite memories from this trip! :) Bee actually got a wee bit stuck and it was super funny seeing their heads pop up!

 Loved getting to watch Bryan loving on his baby boy...and love the shades too!
 This trip really got Missy attached to her Bee. Oh boy, they would play! It is really precious to watch her being loved on by him. This giant man can be such a teddy bear!!

Such a fun day!!

On Tuesday of our trip, my Nana and Papa made the LONG drive from Lompoc to come meet Hensley! It was so good seeing them. I don't see them nearly enough and wish we lived closer so I could see their faces more often. Jon was playing at Torrey Pines with his Dad and Bryan that morning, so it was just us that afternoon and then we met up again for dinner that night all together. I love, LOVE, LOVE my grandparents!!

 This is a favorite picture of mine. She has gotten a little more hesitant around males, but Papa won her heart soon!
 Nana had a sweet game with Hensley, and the giggles between the two of them were adorable!
Thank you so much for coming to see us and for making sweet memories with our Hensley! xoxo

We spent lots of time relaxing in the condo, went to an Aquarium with Grammie and Bee, toured the U.S.S. Midway, the girls had a spa day (woo hoo), saw seal pups at La Jolla beach (and Abby almost got swept into the ocean that day...), had many yummy dinners out and went to the beach to take family pictures. Whew!

 Love my sisters!
 Hensley was super cold, but I adore this picture with her baby Parker and Grammie and Bee.

 Love this family! I had so many pictures, that I am going to have to do another posting with the rest of the pictures later...sorry!

13 months

I did not so much do a "posed" picture (if you could be a fly on the wall when I attempt to do the picture, you would understand why!), but instead I have pictures from her 13th month of life to share. How shall I start this giant blog? With a naked booty!!! He! He!
She LOVES to be outside! We spend most of our day outside playing in the water table, little pool, play gym and our neighborhood splash pad.
We have a year pass to the Children's Museum (LOVE!!), and we went with Hensley's big cousin, Emerson, when she came to visit us and Mia for a couple of days.

 Can you tell she loves her Emerson? She follows her like a little puppy everywhere!
 Drawing kitty whiskers on Mia- what a good sport!

 On a seperate trip to the Museum, both Hensley and Daddy played so hard that this is what happened when we came home...
Yes, we have hit the climbing phase. We are on constant alert, but baby girl is getting pretty good at falling, bumping and getting scrapes.

 Eating. We are super lucky and she eats everything we put in front of her! I promise we feed her, but at every meal she acts like she is starving. Favorites: turkey, grilled cheese, peaches, mandarin oranges, banannas, waffles, blueberries and rasberries. She will now fold her hands and pray, but we have to pray quickly before meals because she is not the most patient when she sees her food!

 Mother's Day was precious! We went to church and brunch and Jon spoiled me quite well!
 This is one of my favorite videos, even though it is hard to see. I was hitting her with a pillow and she was to my ears!
 Sleeping is going very well, thanks to the Ferber Method. We lay her in her crib and she plays sometimes up to 30 minutes and will put herself to sleep. I ADORE when she falls asleep sitting up!
Her new thing: trying to sit in people's laps- or in this case, the puppy's lap. He is so patient with her and she is so hopelessly in love with him. Since she now weighs more than him, he is not keen on her being a "human blanket" for him, but she tries so hard!!

Here goes all of her info for month 13: She weighs around 23 pounds and is still growing like a weed! She started walking at the end of April and by the beginning of May, she was running! :) Our life got super busy as she has discovered the world of walking, running and climbing! If the toilet seat is up, everything goes into it, any bugs will immediately go into her mouth, noisy objects are fabulous, she loves to "help" me unload the dishwasher and wrestling time with Daddy is the favorite part of her day. She is still hoarding items in her hands, loves to pack all of her toys in her wagon and push them around, and has developed a love for stuffed animals. Now that she is more confident with walking, she is attempting more words. She says "mama" (only when she is sad), "dada" (all the time!), "pup pup", "ba" (ball), "bub" (bubble), "bubba" (paci) and "ta" (truck). She knows sign language for finished, more, eat, and we are still working on please. It is really bizzare how much she understands now and can follow commands so well. We talk a lot about the things we are doing and it is amazing how one day it was like all of a sudden she understood it all!
Favorite stories of the month:
Funny: Like I said earlier, she has learned how to back her little body up and sit in your lap- most of the time she will bring a book for you to read and will plop herself down in your lap. Well, one day when we were having some "naked time" (a favorite time for Hensley), Jon was laying on the floor and Hensley backed her little bum right up to him. I hear Jon say "Lisha!! Little bit of help, please!!" and she has backed her bum right on to his face and he is squirming to get out from underneath. It was a hoot watching him panick, so naturally, I just sat back and watched the drama unfold. Since I started giggling, Hensley followed my lead and started cracking up as well. Poor Dad.

Sweet: Jon has always talked about how excited he is about one day coming home and his kids running to greet him at the door. It's one of those events that he has waited so long to have happen, and this month it happened. Her love for her Daddy is overwhelming, so one day he opened the door and she dropped me like a hot potato and went running for him. It was a memory I will never forget watching her little newfound walking legs going as quickly as she could to reach her Daddy.